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Dead Sea Salt for Ormus  


Harvested from the ancient land of Israel, the Dead Sea salt for ormus is probably the gentlest and most recognized high element among all others.  


The salt from the popular and miraculous Dead Sea is known to contain healing, therapeutic, and beautifying powers. It is also the most prevalent and most basic source of ormus in ancient times.

When buying ingredients, make sure that you look for Dead Sea salt for ormus that hasn't been bleached, refined, or depleted of its minerals.  


The salt from Israel is recommended for those who are new to ormus, as it ensures that you're using the most basic ingredient utilized by even the ancient Israelites, Egyptians, and even by the people of King Solomon.

The Dead Sea salt for ormus must also be gathered from the southern part of the Dead Sea in Israel, as that part contains the highest concentration of minerals and elements.  


The sea also holds elements that other seas in the world don't have, making it one of the most unique sources of Dead Sea salt for ormus.  



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