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Natural Ormus  

Ormus elements are considered to be an integral part of the human body.  


Generally, most people get natural Ormus elements by consuming the right foods.  


Some foods have more natural Ormus than others. Goji berry, Noni fruit and Aloe Vera contain higher quantities of Ormus elements than other foods. Green tea is also believed to contain Ormus. 


 Matcha tea is highly rich in Ormus compared to green tea.  


The Ormus elements can be obtained from food, soil, rock, water and the atmosphere.

This element is found in the body of every person.  


Ormus elements are said to restore the structure of the original DNA, probably even helping with its evolution.  


Without enough amounts of these Ormus minerals, the body starts to utilize other substances to complete its structure, sometimes even using substandard elements to maintain its usual makeup.

Although it seems that there are numerous free sources of natural Ormus in many soil-grown vegetables and fruits, the most important sources are found in crystal salt, volcanic rock particles and glacial rock particles.  



Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas  

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